Guide to parking in Whitby

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards give you 4 days free parking in Whitby’s orange and blue zones where a ‘W’ appears on the disc zone sign.

Many of our properties come with scratch cards and they can also be purchased from our office at £2.00 each.


Some of our properties supply their guests with a permit for on street parking in designated zones (orange and blue) or for a local car park such as the West Cliff Car Park.

These permits are either left in the property for guests on their arrival or can be collected from our office along with the keys to the property.

Disc Zones

Disc zones allow 1-2 hours of free parking provided you display a disc within your car noting your time of arrival. These discs can be obtained for free from our office or from many of Whitby’s shops and public spaces.

On-Street Parking

Some areas in Whitby allow unlimited free parking however do please check for signs of parking restrictions before leaving your car.

Pay and Display

Some streets in Whitby only allow for pay and display parking and visitors cannot park here using scratch cards or permits. Please ensure you check for restrictions before you park.

A map of the Whitby On-street Parking Zones can be viewed here.