Whitby Musicport Weekend 2013

Published: Tuesday 22nd Oct 2013

Written by: Ben Abbott

This weekend saw the huge Musicport event in Whitby. After a brief move to Bridlington 5 years ago, the event was again back in its spiritual home.

With over 50 acts in one indoor venue over 5 stages this 3 day event took you on a world journey with acts from Tuva, Zimbabwe, Bosnia, Peru, Denmark USA, Tanzania, Mali, Iran & Egypt.With Neville Staple (The Specials & Fun Boy Three) and his band headlining on Friday night, Saharan blues band Tamikrest on Saturday & the highly acclaimed & mesmerising Bosnian singer Amira finishing the Sunday proceedings, there were many hidden treasures in the ambitious programme.

Renowned for its friendly atmosphere and the quality of the acts it books, the festival is now in its 14th year. The full line-up was as below:

  •  Tamikrest (Mali)
  •  Neville Staple Band (The Specials / Fun Boy Three)
  •  Amira Amulette Trio (Bosnia) **
  •  Arifa (Turkey) UK debut Sunday Ancient musical traditions from the Middle East and Balkans **
  •  Baladi Blues Ensemble (Egypt)
  •  Neil Innes (The Ruttles, Bonzo Dogs etc)
  •  Skip "Little Axe" McDonald (USA)
  •  DJ Derek
  •  Los Chinches (Peru/UK)
  •  The Orchestra That Fell To Earth
  •  (original members of Penguin Cafe Orchestra)
  •  Ballet Nimba (West Africa)
  •  Radik Tulush (Tuva) (Huun Huur Tu & formerly Yat Kha)
  •  Louis Barrabas & The Bedlam Six
  •  The Moulettes
  •  Wonderful Sound Of The Cinema Organ
  •  Himmerland (Denmark)
  •  Tantz (klezmer)
  •  Jadid Ensemble (Turkish/flamenco)
  •  The Young'Uns
  •  Hoda (Iran)
  •  Steve Folk
  •  Dan Walsh
  •  Ergo Phizmiz
  •  Jon Sterckx
  •  Whiskey Dogs
  •  Boff Whalley (ex Chumbawamba)
  •  Mestisa
  •  Patsy Matheson
  •  CC Smugglers
  •  Common Tongue
  •  Lanre
  •  Plumhall
  •  Luke Sharples
  •  Forro Porro
  •  Jon Palmer Band
  •  Flying Chilli Beats
  •  DJ Tooley

Ben Abbott



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