Important changes to our renewals process

Dear Owner,

Our annual contract renewal process has remained the same for many years and having received feedback from a number of owners, we feel it’s now time to look at how we can simplify things and make the process quicker and easier. 

In previous years we have asked you to return a small forest of paperwork, confirming your price and property details for the following year. The contract currently runs for 12-18 months dependant on your sign-up date and is renewed every year in the Spring. This contract committed you to letting your property with us for the next full calendar year with an early termination penalty of £500 plus VAT. In recent years we moved to an electronic version of the renewal process, using the Docu-sign system, which has helped but still requires a return from you and is still quite a cumbersome process. 

This year we will be making two important changes to the process and the agreement itself. (If you have signed with us since mid-January you will already have a new agreement which shows these changes). Firstly, we will be transferring to a rolling contract, in that the contract you have previously signed with us will be deemed to renew automatically each year unless you tell us otherwise. In April, we will send you our suggested prices, property description and calendar. As always, we will be very happy to discuss or alter them in the normal way. We will also give you a deadline on which date, if we have not heard from you, your property will automatically be made available to book for 2019 with our suggested prices, description etc. This is important as many customers are looking to book their next holiday already. The quicker we can confirm prices and availability the quicker we can secure those bookings. Of course, if you need longer to consider we can extend that deadline – but we will need you to tell us. 

Secondly, we have always viewed our relationship with owners as a partnership and we understand that sometimes circumstances change. Occasionally owners decide to stop letting their holiday property. From this year we will be shortening the notice period you need to give us to withdraw your property from 12 months to 3 months and removing the £500 penalty for all existing owners who have been with us for more than twelve months. We will require a contribution if confirmed bookings need to be cancelled, however, if you do need to stop letting your property just tell us 12 weeks in advance and we can work with you to make a smooth transition.

In April, we will write to you again with a reminder of these changes and the renewal documentation. In the mean-time if you have any questions we are very happy to discuss these important changes with you. The team and I always welcome feedback and we will continue to look for ways we can make your life easier, our service better, and increase bookings for your property.

Kind regards Sarah WardGeneral Manager