Find a Cleaner

If you aren’t going to do the cleaning yourself or don’t know someone who will do this for you, we can find a cleaner for your property.

Our Find a Cleaner service comprises of the following:

  • We will advertise for a suitable self-employed cleaner or cleaning company to provide a cleaning service, and a laundry service if required, identify those who are suitable for your property, check references and ensure that individuals have Public Liability insurance.
  • We will negotiate a fixed cost of cleaning your holiday property and for a laundry service if you require this also, and renegotiate this on an annual basis. We can also pay the cleaner on your behalf (we charge a small amount for all invoices weprocess).
  • We will notify the cleaner of any bookings we make.
  • We can usually (subject to availability) supply cleaning materials, essential items for customers use (eg. soap, dishcloths, etc) and welcome packs and will work with the cleaner to ensure these are placed in the property before customers arrive.
  • We will provide the cleaner with a comprehensive checklist of cleaning duties and make occasional spot checks to ensure your property is presented in an acceptable way.
  • We will manage any customer complaints regarding cleanliness of the property.
  • We can supply you with a template which forms the Agreement between yourself and the cleaner for the contracting of the cleaning and laundry services.

The Find a Cleaner service is available to all owners of Yorkshire properties for an annual fee. Where cleaning products, essential items and welcome packs are provided, these are charged for on an “as you use” basis.