My Favourite Dog Walks on the Yorkshire Coast

Published: Thursday 13th Feb 2020

Written by: Louise Burtt

Hi I'm Emma, one of the Homeowner and Guest Service Advisor's here at Ingrid Flute's Yorkshire Holiday Cottages in Whitby.

In my spare time I love getting out and about on the Yorkshire Coast with my dog Ronnie, and there are two places which I absolutely love to walk him, one of them being Runswick Bay.

Runswick Bay beach on the Yorkshire Coast

About 8 miles out of the seaside town of Whitby, this little gem of a village has a lovely beach you can walk for miles along the coast. It has old bomb shelters and coves in the rocks that you can explore while the sun shines down on you. As you can see Ronnie absolutely loves this beach because he can run around and play in the water.

Walking at Runswick Bay on the Yorkshire Coast    Exploring the war bunkers at Runswick Bay


The old railway line from Whitby to Sandsend is another one of our favourite places to walk. The line connected Whitby to Middlesbrough and Scarborough which also went through Staithes and was last in use in 1958.

Sandsend on the Yorkshire Coast

There are plenty of little turn offs you can go down to make the walk more interesting and eventually you will get to 'the moon’. A big section of the land that looks like the wall of the moon, which makes a great story to tell the kids!

Walking from Sandsend on the old railway line

We feel very blessed to have these lovely parts of Yorkshire right on our doorstep for us to visit whenever we feel like we’re in need of a good blast of the fresh sea air! And not to mention the stunning views from the tops of the cliffs.

Ronnie the dog on the cliff top over Sandsend on the Yorkshire Coast

If you fancy getting out and about exploring the stunning Yorkshire Coast, find your perfect holiday cottage here.

Louise Burtt
Louise Burtt



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