Smell York in a book!

Published: Monday 10th Mar 2014

Written by: Ben Abbott

The Visit York tourist board have now come up with a new and unique way of trying to lure people to the city of York and the Yorkshire area.

They have produced a mini guide to the city with 12 photos of York's most famous attractions. Each photo is infused with an appropriate matching scent!

Some of the attractions and scents include:

  •  A day at York Racecourse with the scent of horse hair, grass, hoof oil and fruit punch
  • Afternoon tea with the smell of loose leaf tea and spiced cakes
  • York's many antiques - infused with the scent of leather, old books, woody artefacts and dust
  • Rural Yorkshire with a smell of wild heather as it grows on the North Yorkshire Moors
  • Guy Fawkes - born in York, who can forget his famous plot to blow up Parliament? With the scent of gunpowder, fireworks and burning wood!

It is yet to be seen if this method of promoting the city will bring more visitors to the area but in the meantime, if you fancy invigorating your senses with one of these quirky mini guides then all you need to do is e-mail your details to

Ben Abbott



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