Land slip drama

Published: Monday 10th Dec 2012

Written by: Kirsty Jones

The awful loss of properties on Aelfleda Terrace due to a land slip has hit the national news.Two of the properties that we let out were lost and a third put out of action as it was affected by the rubble that came down. It was an emotional time for owners as they had to pay for the demolition and were only given 20 minutes to rescue any personal possessions but no furniture because it was all so dangerous.

One of our owners who has let with us for 25 years brought the family over to say goodbye to their pride and joy - it was a very sad day for them. We have managed to move most customers to alternative accommodation but some have been coming to these properties for years and are very disappointed.

We send our best wishes to the unfortunate owners.

Kirsty Jones
Kirsty Jones


Marketing Manager


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