Catherine's visit to Whitby Wildlife & Whitby DAG

Catherine, Head of Housekeeping

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary

My day here was very rewarding, I had various tasks and these included cleaning and feeding rescued animals and birds. We started with the hedgehogs and ended up at the outdoor center feeding and petting the foxes. The foxes were amazing, very tame and came for regular strokes. 

The charity relies on the help of volunteers and without them, they simply could not rescue as many. I found doing this very rewarding and it was a great pleasure to give back.

Volunteering at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary


Whitby DAG/Trinity House Whitby

My day with the ​Whitby DAG/Trinity House team was very different from my normal day, I was a passenger assistant to people with various needs making sure they got from home to their chosen project at Trinity House and back. The passengers were very kind and friendly to me as I was a newbie... On our journeys, I met some inspirational people with many stories to share. The volunteers at the DAG/Trinity House were very welcoming towards me and are a fountain of all knowledge.

The charity enables adults and children with various difficulties to enjoy a day of interaction, reminiscence and building social skills. Trinity House works very hard to give these people a purpose in life where they would otherwise be housebound. 

Well done to all involved and thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Volunteering at Whitby DAG / Trinity Whitby